Environmentally-Friendly New Roof in Upminster

Domestic and commercial clients in Upminster and the nearby areas can benefit from a green new roof for their property. Due to the amount of urban development in Essex, adding a garden space to your flat roof is an environmentally-friendly solution to preserving the condition of your property. An expert roofer will advise you on how we can install a green new roof, in addition to using recyclable materials for an alternative pitched tiled roof. Clients can also help the environment by choosing renewable products for roofline components, like fascias and soffits too.

Benefits of a Green New Roof

New residential builds and commercial premises in Upminster and Essex, which include a green flat roof in their architectural designs, offer environmental benefits as well as preserving the quality of your new roof.


  • Green flat roof systems can retain between 60 to 100 % of the rainwater it collects
  • Run-off water is reduced and slowly drained to prevent flooding and overflows
  • Green new roofs reduce the amount of noise and air pollution
  • Vegetation is energy-efficient by controlling temperatures and insulation
  • Flat roof gardens encourage biodiversity and create habitats for local wildlife
  • Green new roofs provide a beautiful aesthetic for domestic and commercial venues in Upminster


Clients in Upminster can be assured that their new roof will have a longer life-span in comparison to other flat roofs or pitched tiled roofs, as the vegetation protects the membrane from ultraviolet radiation. Deterioration caused by heat fluctuations is alleviated by the plants, which provide shade to reduce high temperatures. Together with fascias and soffits which increase the breathability and limit moisture in your roof, the integrity of your Upminster property will be perfectly sustained. A roofer will also install a single-ply flat roof membrane as a base to prevent root ingress. The natural substrate will provide effective insulation too.


Incorporating a green flat roof to your workplace can boost the environmentally-friendly image of an Upminster business and help them to reduce their carbon footprint. Larger green new roofs are also advantageous to local, independent landscaping contractors and roofers who can maintain the urban green spaces for healthier working environments.

Eco-Friendly Building Materials

  • Fascias and Soffits – Most roofline components are made from uPVC or timber. Both materials are great for the environment, as plastic or timber fascias and soffits are 100% recyclable. Soffits can also be made from renewable materials, such as aluminium, steel or cement. uPVC fascias are also durable and withstand weather damage and general wear and tear, which means they require less replacements.
  • Tiled Roofs – Upminster and Essex clients with a pitched tiled roof can choose from natural slates or tiles, ranging from cement to clay or slate. A roofer will recycle any broken materials from a tiled roof which can be turned into secondary aggregates for construction projects.

To hire a professional roofer or to find out more information about our roofing services in Upminster and the Essex area, call 01708 221 284 or 07971 423 106.