Roofer in Upminster, Romford and Essex | Installations & Repairs

At New England Roofing, we provide domestic and commercial clients in Upminster, Hornchurch, Romford and Essex with a complete range of installation and maintenance services, all carried out by a master roofer. Whether you need a new roof fitted with a waterproof membrane, or repairs carried out on a slate or tiled roof, our team specialises in roofing solutions for properties with pitched and flat roof structures.

Our Roofing Services

Flat Roof


We are experts at fitting and repairing a multitude of roof types, including flat roof replacements, using a membrane, which is a fast, cost-effective alternative to pitched roofs.


  • Felt – We use Anderson felt membranes for our flat roofs. These are affordable, easy to install and water resistant major brand products. Our services offer the complete renewal of flat roofs, as we believe that repairs can damage the roof further and be more costly for our customers in Upminster, Hornchurch, Romford and Essex over the long term.
  • Liquid Plastic – A roofer can apply a polyurethane or acrylic coating from the Widopan range to an existing pitched, dome-shaped or flat roof for instant watertight capabilities. These are highly durable coatings and last between 5 to 30 years before requiring a new application.
image of a flat roof once completed

Maintenance Work


In addition to installations, our roofers will carry out a range of repairs for a flat roof or a new roof.

  • General Repairs – If you need new slate or tiled roof repairs, a roofer from our team can mend or fit missing or displaced slates and tiles.
  • Insurance Repairs – If your Upminster, Hornchurch, Romford or Essex property has experienced weather, flooding or fire damage, we will fulfil any insurance maintenance required. In addition to tiled roof and flat roof work, insurance repairs can include restoring chimneys and fitting cowlings.

New Roof


In addition to a flat new roof for your Upminster, Hornchurch, Romford or Essex property, we can install and maintain the following styles:


  • Tiled Roof – Our roofers are skilled at fitting pitched roofs with either concrete, clay tiles or slates, manufactured by Marley and Sandtoft. Each material is available in various natural hues to offer a traditional appearance for a new roof. A tiled roof provides superior insulation and the tiles interlock to avoid weather damage and water ingress.
  • Lead Work – Lead is one of the oldest roofing materials used in the industry. At New England Roofing, we provide lead and step flashing work including other small leadworks.
  • Loft Conversions – If you are turning unused attic space at an Upminster, Hornchurch or Romford property into a bedroom, a home office or a bathroom, our roofers can add flat roof membranes for dormer and VELUX windows, as well as installing roof lights that are part of the loft conversion design.
  • Single-Ply Membranes – If you need first-class heating insulation and waterproof membranes for a new build or a green roof, a single-ply membrane is ideal for resisting deterioration from the natural elements and root ingress.
image of a new roof from above

To hire a professional roofer, or to find out more information about our roofing services in Upminster, Hornchurch, Romford and Essex, call 01708 221 284 or 07971 423 106.