Maintenance for a Tiled or Flat Roof in Romford

To help domestic and commercial clients in Romford keep an eye on the condition of their property, we have outlined some useful tips for inspecting a flat roof or pitched tiled roof. Our guide includes how to conduct safe, superficial checks should your property suffer from damage to fascias and soffits or leaking membranes fitted to a new roof. Whatever the problem may be, we will supply an expert roofer to undertake repairs in a professional and efficient manner.

When to Check Your Roof

It is important to routinely check an old or new roof at your property in Romford. This will serve to prevent long-term damage from affecting the integrity of your pitched or flat roof, in addition to roofline components like guttering, fascias and soffits. Common issues can include:


  • Poor drainage from guttering systems
  • Standing or pooling water on flat roofs
  • Blocked or leaking downpipes
  • Broken or sagging fascias and soffits
  • Missing slates or weathered tiled roofs


We recommend that home and business owners in Romford schedule inspections more than once a year to identify early signs of deteriorating roofing materials or worn waterproof membranes. Checks should coincide with extreme bouts of weather and during the changing of the seasons. This is because storms, heavy rain and gale-force winds lead to dislodged fascias and soffits, and displaced shingles or slates on tiled roofs. Gutters are also susceptible to damage from the elements, like debris, soil, twigs and even snow, which can block your downpipes. If you have a flat roof, this can result in water ingress from pooling water or overflow from blocks top gutters.


For any new property owners in Romford, we advise you to protect your new roof with water resistant membranes, which can vary from felt to liquid plastic coatings. Our roofers can quickly install new roof membranes or durable slates for pitched, tiled roofs to give you peace of mind.


At New England Roofing, our friendly and knowledgeable roofers are available for advice, safety tips and to carry out reliable installations and maintenance duties for old and new roofs in Romford and the nearby areas.

Inspection Guide

Remember to follow health and safety precautions before you inspect the pitched or flat roof at your Romford property. Use a ladder that is sturdy and can support you whilst climbing to a greater height. Roofers recommend carrying out checks with another person present.


  1. Check flat roof surfaces for stains, patterns or small pools of water
  2. Search for holes, tears, blistering or loose flat roof membranes
  3. Assess tiled roofs for any cracks or broken slates, as well as missing tiles
  4. Look at the condition of fascias and soffits for signs of warped timber or rot
  5. Inspect gutters, fascias and soffits to ensure they are suspended securely
  6. Check new roof gutters to see if they have been pitched at the right angles
  7. Clear gutters with blockages or obstacles that are preventing water drainage

To hire a professional roofer or to find out more information about our roofing services in Romford and the Essex area, call 01708 221 284 or 07971 423 106.