Liquid Waterproofing for a New Roof in Hornchurch

If you have recently moved to a property in Hornchurch, we recommend protecting your new roof with a liquid plastic membrane. At New England Roofing, we provide clients with a roofer who specialises in fitting a range of flat roof and tiled roof materials to prevent weather damage, age and general wear and tear. We are also experienced at carrying out repairs for guttering, fascias and soffits to maintain the integrity of your home or office. Learn more about one of our top recommendations for waterproof liquid membranes, using Widopan premium products.

Benefits of Liquid Plastic Membranes

Waterproof Capabilities

Liquid plastic membranes can easily be applied to existing and new roofs in Hornchurch, providing a water-resistant coating. This is an extremely versatile solution as roofers can fit liquid plastic membranes to a flat roof, dome-shaped roof or a pitched roof, as an alternative to tiled roof materials. The liquid plastic is made from a fully-bonded polyurethane or acrylic base, which is used by a roofer to adhere to any existing membrane or new roof surface.


Once the membrane has been applied, your new roof is instantly water resistant. What’s more, a liquid plastic coating can be installed by a roofer at your Hornchurch property when it’s raining, without affecting its watertight capabilities.


Versatile and Cost-Efficient Repairs

At New England Roofing, we undertake a wide-range of repairs for new roofs and roofline materials, such as fascias and soffits in addition to maintaining pitched and flat roof liquid plastic membranes. Like pointing and patching fascias and soffits, the liquid plastic solution can be used for different sized repairs for membranes. Maintenance for a new roof can include holes, tears and gaps that are the weakest points for water ingress.


High-Quality Material

In addition to high-quality natural slates for tiled roofs, plus timber and uPVC fascias and soffits, our roofers use premium liquid plastic membranes manufactured by Widopan. Once a roofer has applied the durable, waterproof solution to your new roof, this can last from 5 to 30 years. This depends on the environment which can cause wear and tear from prolonged exposure to severe weather or the local wildlife. Liquid plastic is also extremely UV resistant, extending the lifespan of your pitched or flat roof.


Here are the main advantages clients in Hornchurch can look forward to:

  • Fast and efficient installation, which can be applied with a roller or brush
  • Provides a waterproof monolithic membrane which adapts to temperature fluctuations
  • Liquid plastic membranes can be fitted to a new roof during damp seasons
  • Roofers can carry out repairs, together with tiled roofs, fascias and soffits
  • Membranes are applied in a cold state, limiting hazards associated with hot works
  • Liquid plastic solutions can be adhered to all pitched and flat roof surfaces and substrates
  • Waterproof curing times are fast and immediately effective for pitched and flat roofs

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